Elizabeth Klarer and Her Handsome Alien Lover from the Planet Meton

The sort of people who claim to have had sex with aliens typically aren’t respected very highly (go figure), but one of the earliest claimants, South African Elizabeth Klarer, was actually a rather accomplished woman. After studying music and meteorology in England, Klarer served as a pilot in the South African Air Force during World War II. She later became an agent for Royal Air Force Intelligence.

Born in 1910 to a wealthy family, Klarer grew up fascinated by the Zulu folklore told to her by the family’s native African workers, and she was especially intrigued by the stories of sky gods going up into the sky and vowing to someday return. After reading some books by alien contactee George Adamski in the early 1950s, Klarer apparently remembered some UFO sightings she experienced during her childhood. On two separate occasions, she saw a giant flying disc in the sky. After the second sighting, a ball of light floated into her house.

In the mid-1950s, Klarer spotted more UFOs and reported that she was in telepathic contact with a pilot named Akon. Akon and his co-pilot, both of whom were astrophysicists, eventually let Klarer board their spaceship. They told her that they came from Meton, a planet in the galaxy of Alpha Centauri. Klarer became friends with the aliens, and they continued making visits to her.

After a time, Klarer felt a great attraction toward Akon, and doubtlessly unable to resist the opportunity of kinky intergalactic space sex with an attractive extraterrestrial species, took him as a lover and became pregnant. Akon then took her to live on Meton, where she gave birth to a hybrid son the couple named Ayling.

According to Klarer, Meton was a utopia free of crime, greed, and poverty. The inhabitants of Meton looked just like humans, but they were kinder, taller, and better-looking. Metonians could live for thousands of years, and were even able to reincarnate after death. They dressed in beautiful silk clothing and ate only natural food. They didn’t care for sports, but loved art and music. They never married or divorced and had large families. The Metonians adored children and were fond of keeping pet birds.There was no need for schools or books because communication and learning were all done through telepathy.Technologically and spiritually, the Metonians were thousands of years ahead of earthlings.

As much as she liked Meton, Klarer had difficulty living there because of the atmosphere, so she went back to earth after four months. Occasionally, she would receive visits from Akon and Ayling, the latter whom followed in his father’s cosmic footsteps to also become an astrophysicist.

In 1980, Klarer published an account of her experiences in a book called Beyond the Light Barrier. While there were only some family members to back her story, and no documentation of her alleged pregnancy, Klarer insisted that her story was true up until her death in 1994.

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9 thoughts on “Elizabeth Klarer and Her Handsome Alien Lover from the Planet Meton

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  2. I do not criticize or call anybody a lier. Unless proven so. I am not in a position to criticize Elizabeth klarer. She was an educated lady


  3. I have seen a UFO and I was not alone. I was with my best friend who lives in nz. Now. Nobody believed us. But we don’t care. We saw what we saw


    • Thanks for the comments. I try to keep an open mind, but I don’t find Elizabeth Klarer’s story believable. What did the UFO you and your friend saw look like? I’d love to hear about your sighting.


  4. I had a UFO experience when I was about five years old, I was always told not to go to far away from the house because (that’s sensible) and there was a railway yard near by and that is dangerous. But I walked about ten or fifteen minutes from my house and there it was a space ship landed on the ground, I did not really know what it was but there were four aliens and I was trying to teach them how to play hide and seek they were excellent at this because they had camouflage abilities, I tried to teach them how to play tag but they did not understand that game.After a while they were called back to the ship and that’s the last I ever saw of them it lasted for about one hour and I went home. I recall that years later a TV program Flipper started and when Flipper made his dolphin noise’s I said He talks like the aliens, but no one seemed to take any notice of what I said and it was never brought up again. Years on wards the TV program Invaders came on and I would say the aliens space craft looked like that and that is about all I can tell you except it does all tie into the timeline when President Isonhower was mysterious supposed to have had a secret meeting with aliens???


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