Write for Bizarre and Grotesque


If you’re interested in writing a guest article, send me an email at bizarreandgrotesque@gmail.com. I’m looking for obscure and lesser-known material about conspiracy theories, disappearances, ghosts, monsters, UFOs, unsolved murders, and other creepy and weird subjects. I don’t have that many requirements, but I do expect your article to have the following:

-A minimum of 600 words.

-A list of whatever sources you used to write your article. Wikipedia is NOT an acceptable source; I want genuine and original content, not plagiarized Wikipedia entries.

-A short bio including your name or a pseudonym. This doesn’t have to be long. Just give the reader a sentence or two, and feel free to include links to your own blog or social media.

Currently, I can’t offer any monetary compensation, but I will definitely start paying once I can put ads on here. That said, writing a guest article isn’t worthless. Bizarre and Grotesque tends to average 20,000 hits a month, and including some links to your own blog can send some of my traffic your way.