Write for Bizarre and Grotesque


If you’re interested in writing a guest article, send me an email at bizarreandgrotesque@gmail.com. I’m looking for obscure and lesser-known material about conspiracy theories, disappearances, ghosts, monsters, UFOs, unsolved murders, and other creepy and weird subjects. I don’t have that many requirements, but I do expect your article to have the following:

-A minimum of 600 words.

-A list of whatever sources you used to write your article. Wikipedia is NOT an acceptable source; I want genuine and original content, not plagiarized Wikipedia entries.

-A short bio including your name or a pseudonym. This doesn’t have to be long. Just give the reader a sentence or two, and feel free to include links to your own blog or social media.

Currently, I can’t offer any monetary compensation, but I will definitely start paying once I can put ads on here. That said, writing a guest article isn’t worthless. Bizarre and Grotesque tends to average 20,000 hits a month, and including some links to your own blog can send some of my traffic your way.




One thought on “Write for Bizarre and Grotesque

  1. Interesting site. Writers need to review the forms of the verbs “lie” and “lay,” however. Also, “Sir” never precedes a surname alone, e.g., “Sir Smith.” “Sir” is followed by a man’s first name, e.g., Sir John, OR by first name + surname, i.e., Sir John Smith.


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